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How to Prepare Salmon Mayonnaise? - Viji's New Recipes - Mayonnaise Recipes

Salmon Mayonnaise



Salmon - 1

Court bouillon - 1 liter

Lettuce - 1 bunch

Cucumber - 115 gm

Tomatoes - 225 gm

Mayonnaise - 300 ml

Recipe Directions:

Scrape off the scales of the fish using back of the knife.

Remove gills and clean out the head.

Remove the intestines and clear the blood from the backbone.

Trim fins. Wash thoroughly, using lime or vinegar.

Place in a pan. Cover with cold court bouillon. Bring slowly to the boil.

skim and simmer gently till fish is well cooked.

Cool in the court bouillon. If cut piece, remove skin, centre bone and brown surface.

Dress neatly on flat-dish.

Garnish with whole lettuce leaves, sliced tomato and sliced cucumber.

Spread some mayonnaise on fish and serve remaining sauce in a sauce boat.

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